White Dove Release


Are you looking for something romantic and unique, something which will make your wedding different?

If you are, you will love our White Wedding Dove Release service!

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We provide several affordable options to Bridal couples in the

St Thomas area

After the Wedding Ceremony, as the Bridal Couple leave the Church, the birds can be released, by hand or from the basket by the Dove Handler.  The Doves could also be released afterwards at the photograph session.

Perfect for a Garden or Beach Wedding, Love-a-Dove White Wedding Doves can be released at any time during the wedding ceremony, by the Bride & Groom or by the attendants, or even released from a small decorated basket by the flower girl and ring bearer!

Doves symbolize love and harmony, Peace, faithfulness and commitment to each other as Doves mate for life, build their nest together, and both lovingly care for their young.  These Doves, once released, will fly away together symbolizing the new life together of this couple”

For all our Wedding Packages, the Dove handler will be at your wedding venue 30 minutes before the start of your wedding ceremony and will discuss photo options with your photographer, to make sure you get the best pictures possible of your Doves being released

The Display Package , which consists of four white Doves in beautiful Victorian cages at your Wedding venue, and the release of two doves, either by the Bride & Groom, or by our Dove handler at the conclusion of the ceremony, or at some other time of your choice. 

Price: $150.00

The Silver Package consists of 4 to 6 Doves which can be released from their basket by just opening the lid.  Witness the Doves’ elegance as they gracefully fly up and circle above before flying home. You can also choose to hand release two birds as above, and then the remainder can be released from the basket. 
Price: $200.00

Our Gold Package has up to 8 doves released from their basket or cage. Once opened, the doves follow each other out. The Doves represent happiness and joy as they circle above and group together to fly home. 
Price: $250.00 

Platinum Package is the release up to 12 doves from two baskets or cages for a larger impact at your Fairy tale Wedding.  You can choose to hand release two of the Doves and have the others released from their cage. 
Price: $300.00

We have dates available for Spring and Summer 2019 weddings, and we offer releases in St Thomas,   Please use the form below to arrange your booking with Love-a-Dove

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