White Dove Release
Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

At all times, the safety of our Doves is of the utmost importance, these birds are family pets, and their health and welfare is very important to us.  The birds will not be released unless we are sure that they will be able to safely return to their home loft.

  • Our doves cannot be released close to dusk, indoors, at night, or in bad weather conditions, such as snow, fog or heavy rain
  • If conditions become unacceptable for the release on the day, due to unforeseen circumstances, such as the weather, we reserve the right to cancel the release on the day therefore providing a refund for the release ensuring the safety of the doves
  • Our doves can only be released from safe distances from which they can return home safely
  • We want to assure the safety of our Doves, maintain their care and protection; therefore we will only release our doves within 20 kilometres of home
  • A Dove handler will be present at all times
  • Although unlikely, in the event the dove messes, we cannot be held responsible for any cleaning bills or any other costs that arise as a result
  • Clients must be aware that no booking is confirmed until we receive payment and have confirmed the payment with a receipt. We accept no responsibility for any loss suffered
  • Any cancellation, more than one month before the release date, you will receive a refund, less deposit
  • If there is a cancellation, made less than one month before the release date, no refund will be issued
  • As we are dealing with live birds we are not able to guarantee that the doves will perform exactly as required every time.  However, we do promise to do the best we can to assure the highest quality white Dove release possible. It is important that you communicate your wishes to us so that we can serve you better