Successful Training Mission

by Becky
(St Thomas, Ontario, Canada)

Reaching home safely

Reaching home safely

Reaching home safely
Beautiful Wedding Doves

In the past few weeks we have been training some of our young birds, for, although the instinct to "home" is in pigeons, it seems to be stronger in some birds than in others and they do need to be trained to return home.

With that in mind, we release our birds from their loft every day and they fly around and sit on the roof of the house for a while, before going back in their loft for food and water.

We have started putting them in cages and releasing them on the other side of the house and they are able to fly overhead to see where they are, and then they go "home" to their loft.

Gradually, we lengthen the distance from the point of release to home, to make sure they learn how to get back safely.

Today we released twelve birds that have been in training for the past two weeks, and all twelve birds made it back and into their loft safely and in good time.

Tomorrow we will lengthen the distance from home, and see how they go on.

Sunday, July 6th - Today the little fliers repeated their success of yesterday and flew home from a little farther away - some of them must have taken a little detour because I saw them on our neighbour's roof, just chillin' for an hour or so, but as soon as they realized that it was almost time for their dinner, they flew home.

Everyone is safe and snug in their pigeon loft, ready to go out again on a training mission tomorrow!

Wednesday, July 9th - Yesterday our intrepid aviators were released further from home than ever before. While we were waiting for them to return, a storm blew through our area and we had a heavy downpour with lots of thunder and lightening. After 3 hours none of the birds had come home and we were getting worried. Happily, one by one, the doves came home and before dark the last straggler flew back and went into the loft for dinner and a rest!

We'll be releasing them again tomorrow for their next training session!

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