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The release of a flock of White Doves at a Memorial Service, is a beautiful and thoughtful way to help family and friends of your loved one heal, as there is comfort and hope in the sight of a flock of pure white Doves as they circle overhead before they fly "Home".

The Dove release during a Memorial Service can follow a prayer or poem or bagpipe solo, the playing of Taps, or any other time of your choosing

Typically, one Dove is released first, often by a family member of the family, and this is the Spirit Dove.  After a few moments, three more Doves are released, representing the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.  These three Doves will join the Spirit Dove, and after circling overhead, they will escort the Spirit Dove “Home”.

A Memorial Dove release is a special way of expressing

your final goodbye to a loved one

and can be a peaceful and healing event.

“Oh, that I had wings of a Dove for then I would fly away and be at rest!” Psalm 55.6

Memorial Packages

We have currently suspended the release of flocks of our Doves during September and October, due to predation by Hawks in the area at that time, however we will still release one white dove at the grave side

Single Dove Release:  This comforting and elegant display of one Dove in a beautiful cage at the site of the memorial service, whether at a Church or Cemetery, followed by the release of the dove by our Dove handler or by a family member, symbolizing the release of the spirit of the deceased and it's departure for our heavenly home.  

Price: $150.00 

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