Love in the Loft

by Becky
(Love a Dove)

Newly hatched baby

Newly hatched baby

Spring and early summer are busy times at the Love-a-Dove loft as we have several pairs of doves laying eggs, and hatching and raising chicks.

So far this year, we have had eight little dovies hatched, three sets of twins and two singletons, and there are one set of parents sitting on two eggs which should hatch soon.

Did you know, it seems as though each pair of doves lays two eggs, and when they hatch there is usually one male chick, and one female chick. Isn't that funny!

The hungry babies keep both parents busy supplying them with food, and the babies are called "Squabs" or "Squeakers" because of the sound they make when they want their parents to feed them!

The squeakers are fed by both parents, who take turns caring for them, and they grow very quickly.

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Jul 18, 2014
They are all cute
by: Bethany

I think all the little birds are cute. All of them are sweet and I like them.

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