How do we know how many Doves we have?

by Becky - White Wedding Dove Handler
(St Thomas, Ontario, Canada)

One of our readers asked a very good question the other day ... How do we know exactly how many white wedding doves we have?

It can sometimes be a problem to count our birds, because they are always on the move, flying and fluttering or walking about, so they are very difficult to count.

Even though each bird has a coloured identification leg band, which has the number for that individual bird, it is still difficult to know for sure how many there are.

But, the other day I found a great way to count all our birds!

I fed them on the ground in their new outdoor area, and then took a photograph (making sure that there were no stragglers in the nesting boxes indoors) and when I had the picture on my p.c. I was able to mark each bird with a dot of colour and could count as I went, and ... voila! We have exactly 38 birds!

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