Have you lost a white pigeon?

by Becky - White Wedding Dove Handler

In the spring we received two calls from people who had found un-banded (birds which didn't have the identification band on their leg) white pigeons (hereafter called White Wedding Doves!).

One female bird had spent a few days sitting on a kitchen window-sill in Ilderton, Ontario, and we received a phone call from a concerned home owner.

My Mom and I went to see the bird, and it was a pretty White Wedding Dove, but was un-banded, and so there was no way to trace its owners, so I waited until dusk and then scooped it with a fishing net and brought it home.

On the same day, we received a call from an employee at Disbrowe Motors in St Thomas, who told us there there was an almost-tame white wedding dove who was hanging around their property - they caught it and we brought him home too.

So now, on the same day, we had caught two white doves - we wondered whether they were birds which couldn't find their way home because of the storm that had passed through this area the previous day, and thought that perhaps the birds had been blown off course.

Anyway, we quarantined the two birds in a little section of the loft where they could stay, quite happily, for two weeks, during which time we watched their health, wormed them, and made sure they got vitamins in their water, and Epsom salts in their bathing water.

At the end of the two weeks we banded them with our bright pink bands, and allowed them to integrate with their new flock.

They settled in nicely and they have both found mates, and with luck, will lay eggs and raise chicks next year.

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