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A White Dove Release is a special and memorable tribute to a lost loved one.

The Dove release during a Funeral Service can follow a poem or special prayer, bagpipe solo, the playing of Taps, or any other moment of your choosing.

Typically, one Dove is released first, often by a family member, and this is the Spirit Dove.  After a few moments, three more Doves are released, representing the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.  These three Doves will join the Spirit Dove, and after circling overhead, they will escort the Spirit Dove “Home”

A Funeral or Memorial Dove release is a special way of expressing your final goodbye to a loved one, and can be a very peaceful and healing event.

“In Christianity, the Dove symbolizes the Holy Spirit as the Bible says that during the Baptism of Jesus in the River Jordan “The Holy Spirit came down, as a Dove”, and when the Dove returned with an olive branch after the great flood, Noah knew that it was a message of hope from God.” 

The Old Testament also says “Oh, that I had wings of a Dove, for then I would fly away and be at rest!” Psalm 55.6

We offer our services in the city of St Thomas and the cemeteries there, including Southpark Cemetery on Sunset Drive, Elmdale Cemetery on Elm Street, and St Thomas Cemetery on West Avenue.  We also release our white doves from the Old St Thomas Church on Walnut Street for Scattering of Ashes services

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One of our white Doves displayed at a recent funeral

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Funeral Packages

Single Dove Release   This comforting and beautiful display of one or two pure white doves at the funeral home during the funeral service (at Church or Funeral Home) and release of the Dove(s) from a beautiful cage at the grave side.  The Dove is released at the end of the service, symbolizing the release of the spirit of the deceased and it's departure for our heavenly home. Price: $125.00 

Spirit & Trinity Dove release:  This comforting and beautiful grave-side release is the hand release of the single Spirit Dove, either by a family member, or our Dove handler, followed by the release of the Trinity – three pure white Doves which fly sky-ward and will escort the Spirit Dove “Home”

Price: $150.00


Spirit Dove, Trinity and Flock of Angels:  One white Dove released in memory of a loved one, followed by three white doves symbolizing the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, followed by a flock of 6 Angel Doves.  The Doves will circle gracefully overhead before escorting the Spirit Dove "Home"

Price: $250.00

The Final Journey Home:  A flock of 12 white doves are set free and then a single white Dove is presented to a family member to release, to join the flock in flight. The single White Dove signifies the soul of the departed family member, and the flock of Doves symbolizes the souls of those loved ones who have gone before, and who are welcoming and showing the departed soul the way home.


Single Dove Display   This comforting and beautiful display of one Dove in a beautiful cage at the funeral home or Church.  This can be combined with the Single Dove Release at the grave-side.  The Dove is released by our Dove handler, or by a family member, symbolizing the release of the spirit of the deceased and it's departure for our heavenly home.

Price: $125.00 ($200.00 when combined with the Single Dove Release)

We provide a free Single Dove Release at Funerals for fallen members of the Police, Firefighters, rescue workers and our Canadian Armed Services Personnel who have lost their life in the line of duty.

We also release our White Doves at Memorial Services

Please note: These pretty white Doves are also my beloved pets, and I will only release them when the conditions are suitable (not too windy or rainy) as it is important that they are able to return safely to their home here after they are released, as they are, after all homing pigeons.

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Releasing White Doves at a funeral or memorial service, is a tasteful and memorable tribute to your loved one

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