Doves or Pigeons?

by Bob
(Timmins, Ontario, Canada)

Q. What is the difference between the wild Pigeons that I see in my city, and the white Doves you release at weddings.

There are about 300 species of Pigeons and Doves in the bird clade Columbidae, and that includes the wild pigeons you see in cities and towns nesting on window ledges and under bridges, as well as white Doves such as our wedding Doves which are domesticated and live a fairly pampered life in a loft.

Basically, the wild Pigeons you see, are the same as the white birds we use, they are just a different colour.

True "Doves" are a different bird.

The white Doves we release are Pigeons that are bred for their colour and tameness, and also for their ability to "home" back here to their loft.

Some Pigeons can "home" over long distances - hundreds of miles!

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