Dove Gallery

Welcome to our Dove Gallery where you will find assorted pictures of our White Doves


The White Wedding Doves at home

Two of our White Wedding Doves in their Victorian display cage

Two display cages of Wedding Doves outside the Church

White Doves on display in their display cages outside First United Church, St Thomas, awaiting the Bridal Couple

Doves on display in their vintage cage at Union United Church at a recent Wedding

Two White Wedding Doves on display outside the Church, after the Wedding ceremony

This is possibly one of my favourite pictures of one of my Doves.  This Dove was released in memory of a lady who had died, and the Dove circled overhead and then landed on the wall and watched the family leave, and then she flew home

Each year we band our birds - a numbered plastic band on their left leg.  Each year we use a different colour, so that we can tell at a glance how old a particular bird is, and often we know who he or she is, and who their parents were.  Above are two of last year's birds (white bands, number 2 & 14) nesting in their box.

This little fella is the newest dove in our flock of White Wedding Doves and he is about ten days old.  His training will start in a few weeks when he has all his feathers and can fly

Returning home from a Wedding, ready for a bath and dinner

Hand-feeding some of our youngest Doves

One of our White Doves, ready for release at a Wedding

Some of our doves out for an evening flight - they are so beautiful when they fly in a flock

The biggest danger to our birds is predators, such as this Red Tailed Hawk which landed on the roof of our pigeon loft, waiting for me to let the birds out for the day ... he was disappointed that they stayed inside that day!

Please note: My pretty white Doves are also my beloved pets, and I will only release them when the weather conditions are suitable (not too windy or rainy), and if there are no Hawks around,  as it is important that they are able to return safely to their home here after they are released, as they are, after all, homing pigeons.

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