About Love-a-Dove
White Dove Release Service

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Love-a-Dove White Dove Release Service.

Love-a-Dove is owned and operated by Becky Van Harn who has lived in St Thomas, Ontario, her whole life. 

Becky has always been interested in birds, even as a small child when her family raised Chickens and Ducks on their 9 acre hobby farm.  When she was 9 years old she saved her money to buy a pair of Cockatiels, at 13 she bought a Cinnamon Green Cheeked Conure and at 14 years old, a Pacific Parrotlet.  In 2016 another Green Conure joined her flock!

In 2013, Becky decided to take her childhood hobby of raising birds, to the next level, and decided that White Homing Pigeons would be her next project!

Becky was Home Schooled which allowed lots of time to learn about the techniques and tricks of Pigeon breeding and releasing, and the result is Love-a-Dove, her White Dove Release business.

Now at University, Becky is still able to release her white Doves on Saturdays, and release them any day for funerals and memorial services

Becky is able to provide a wonderful and romantic special Dove Release service to Bridal couples in the St Thomas area, as well as a sensitive and thoughtful Funeral & Memorial Dove Release service to the bereaved, and Dove releases for Anniversaries, Reunions and Civic events.

In addition to caring for her Doves, Becky is also a competitive Highland Dancer, a member of a Ladies' Choir, loves to play the piano and guitar in her spare time, and is now attending Western University in London working toward a degree in Medieval Studies.

Please note: My pretty white Doves are also my beloved pets, and I will only release them when the weather conditions are suitable (not too windy or rainy) as it is important that they are able to return safely to their home here after they are released, as they are, after all homing pigeons.

For centuries  White Doves have symbolized Peace, Love, Hope and the human spirit

"Let us help you build a memory that will last a lifetime!"