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 St Thomas, Ontario, area


A romantic and unique addition to your Wedding Day!

Owned and operated by local entrepreneur, Becky Van Harn, this elegant White Dove Release Service will enchant and delight you and your Wedding Guests, when these beautiful snow white birds are released at the end of your Wedding Ceremony or during your photography session

Doves symbolize love and harmony, Peace, faithfulness and commitment to each other as Doves mate for life, build their nest together, and both lovingly care for their young.  These Doves, when released, will fly away together, symbolizing the new life together of this couple”

We have release dates available for Spring and Summer 2018 Weddings, and we offer releases in the St Thomas area only

Our Doves are young and are learning their way home

Please use the form below to arrange your booking with Love-a-Dove

White Doves can be released to celebrate any joyful or special occasion, such as Christenings, Anniversaries, Valentines Day, Proposals, Family Reunions, Mother's or Fathers’ Day, Grand Openings or any special event.

Love-a-Dove White Dove Releases are also suitable for Funerals and Memorial Services

Please note: My pretty white Doves are also my beloved pets, and I will only release them when the weather conditions are suitable (not too windy or rainy) and I will also not release my birds if there are Hawks in the area, as it is important that they are able to return safely to their home here after they are released, as they are, after all homing pigeons.  

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For centuries White Doves have symbolized Peace, Love, Hope and the human spirit

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